90 Day Notice Account

Deposit Accounts

A range of deposit accounts which allow you to make the most of your surplus funds.

If you want to make the most of your surplus funds, with or without immediate access to your money, our deposits could be right for you.

Loyalty Reserve Issue II

For cash held for a strategic purpose, the Loyalty Reserve rewards you the longer you keep it on deposit.

More about the Loyalty Reserve

Monthly Reserve Issue II

The Monthly Reserve rewards you every month that cash is held on deposit and no withdrawals are made.

More about the Monthly Reserve

Private Reserve Account

Instant access to your money and higher interest rates when you deposit more.

If you have surplus funds in your Current Account, Private Reserve can help you make more of them. There is no minimum balance and the account pays interest on the funds you deposit.

If your Current Account balance becomes insufficient to cover your purchases, money can be automatically transferred each day from your Private Reserve.

With daily, weekly or monthly automatic transfers, you can maintain a minimum balance of your choice on your Current Account.

Interest is calculated daily and can be transferred to your Adam current account each month.

Current interest rates

60 Day Notice Account

If you can give 60 days notice before withdrawing funds, the 60 Day Notice account may be right for you.

The 60 Day Notice Account is designed to meet clients’ short to medium term liquidity needs, paying a higher interest rate on cash that clients do not need instant access to.

You can deposit funds by requesting a transfer from your Adam Current Account. Alternatively, you can send an electronic payment from another bank.

Should you wish to make a withdrawal, you will need to provide 60 days notice. You are able to provide notice of withdrawal in writing or by telephone.

The account pays interest monthly to your 60 Day Notice Account, unless you request us to credit it to another account. You will also receive annual statements.

Current interest rates

Money Market Deposits Account

Offering higher interest rates on large cash deposits than the rate you receive on a Adam current account.

Money market deposits allow you to select from a range of maturity periods and interest rates. The interest rate you receive depends on the size of your deposit and the term you choose. Interest is paid on maturity.

For more information, please contact your Private Banker.

Adam clients

To find out more about how a 60 Day Notice Account from Adam & Company can meet your individual needs, please contact your Private Banker.

New clients

If you wish to become a client of Adam & Company, please complete this form or contact us on +44 (0)131 225 8484

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