Your life doesn’t always fit into neatly labelled compartments – which is why we offer a range of services for not-so-commonplace requirements.

The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise, and you may not recover the amount of your original investment.


How soon to plan for succession? How best to structure philanthropy – or preserve wealth? Talk to us about your family business issues.


Widely regarded as the engine of the global economy, family businesses strive to ensure the long-term success of their organisation, and a smooth journey towards that success.

Healthy, successful family businesses are characterised by careful planning and open communication. With specialist programmes comprising forums, bespoke advice and support, the Adam Family Business team will help you get there.


We will work with you and your family, to make a lasting difference to the causes you care about


The Adam Institute has been built on the premise that wealth transcends money management. With extensive international experience of working with clients across a diverse array of cultures, Adam & Company’s Philanthropy Service encompasses every aspect of philanthropy and social investment – from recommending the best structures, to dealing with all administration and accounting.


How will your business tackle succession? We can help you prepare upcoming generation for the responsibilities that lie ahead – and, ultimately, preserve wealth for generations to come


Expert in advising wealthy families on wealth succession, with a focus on ensuring the smooth and fulfilling transfer of wealth, Adam & Company specialists work closely with families and individuals to define the right time and means of passing wealth on. Wealth succession planning can be a challenge, but with a cohesive approach to balancing these variables, it is one that can be overcome.

Foreign Exchange

Providing trading capabilities for your global currency trading and hedging requirements.


Whether you have business interests abroad, assets held overseas or a global approach to investing, we will work closely with you to understand your objectives and develop appropriate currency strategies for your unique requirements. Your Adam adviser will refer you to Adam foreign exchange specialists through which you will receive informed currency market advice. Adam foreign exchange services have been designed to give flexibility to place orders for execution at an agreed level, and which will be monitored on a 24-hour basis and traded outside of UK hours. 

Adam foreign exchange services provide the ability to execute both spot and forward transactions in any major global currency and some of the more liquid emerging market currencies.

The expert team will guide you on reducing volatility and risk through the use of suitable hedging strategies employing investment strategies and managing currency and interest rate exposure, respectively.

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  • The rises and falls of the Olympic Games

    • Adam Investments
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    25 Aug 2016
    The rises and falls of the olympic games For the small number of athletes that make it, the numerous years of self-improvement provide a sense of personal return most of us can’t even fathom. Yet, through an economic lens, when one considers and compares the returns, the story tends to be mixed. The results of the Olympics from this point of view are, therefore, like the events themselves - unpredictable, and only known ‘after the race is run’.
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  • The true value of art

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    18 Aug 2016
    The true value of art As a general rule, museums collect art with little concern about financial value but rather approach each purchase with the question: what meaningful role can this work of art play in people’s lives? By contrast, gallerists, dealers and auctioneers allocate value first, worked out by a number of different metrics, not just its importance.
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  • Bank of England Base Rate and the Impact for Investors

    • Adam Investments
    • Economy
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    05 Aug 2016
    Bank of England base rate and the impact for investors The Bank of England of England base rate has fallen to a historic low of 0.25%. We review the background for the Bank’s move and consider the effect rate cut and other stimulus measures will have on investments.
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