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We are delighted to share the news that Adam Investment Management has achieved outstanding performance across all of our benchmarks, according to the latest data that has been released by Asset Risk Consultants (ARC), to the end of September 2016.

According to ARC, Adam portfolios are in the top quartile of the peer group (consisting of over 50 private client managers) for 1, 3, 5 years and since inception (January 2005), with the exception of our ‘Balanced’ composite which is in the second quartile for the 3 year time period (and top quartile for 1 and 5 years and since inception).

This strong performance underscores the proven strength of Adam Investment Management’s investment philosophy, which has withstood significant volatility including the recent post-Brexit rebound of international earners and the fall in the ten-year gilt yield. Our approach centres on investing for the long term - an increasingly rare stance to take (the average holding period of shares has decreased significantly over recent years) - but one that continues to pay dividends as much of the wider market is driven by shorter-term influences.

While it is difficult to time markets, we maintain that it is in the interests of our clients to stay fully invested

Conviction is at the heart of our approach. The Adam Investment team is not dictated by benchmarks nor do we buy passive funds – rather, we rigorously select our collective funds, opting solely for liquid assets and only using managers who share our long-term investment ethos. While we regularly assess the positions we hold, our clients know that we will stand by our investment view – unless there is a fluctuation in the underlying investment case, in which we will seize consequential opportunities.

While it is difficult to time markets, we maintain that it is in the interests of our clients to stay fully invested, as evidenced by the surprise Brexit vote and more recently, the US elections. And education is key. We work closely with clients to ensure they are engaged – that they share our understanding that investing is a long-term game and they appreciate the full effects of the volatility that can be experienced in their portfolio.

As we prepare for the New Year, we will build on this success through maintaining our approach of buying into good quality companies that are well-diversified and that we deem to be exploring and investing in the right areas and sectors. We look for companies that have strong cash flows, strong balance sheets and take a long term approach to their business strategy, reinvesting to drive higher returns on their capital.

2016 has been a tumultuous year in lots of ways, and it gives us great pride that we continue to deliver good returns for our clients and provide some consistency amid global uncertainty.       

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