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Seamless Security Through Voice Recognition



Adam is introducing new technology that will recognise the sound of your voice when you call

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Sophisticated technology that can confirm your identity from the sound of your voice is being rolled out across Adam over the next few weeks. 

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The new system provides added security while making it quicker and easier for you to call us on the telephone. The advanced voice recognition system is being introduced with the support of global experts in the technology and will identify your unique voice patterns when you call.

You don’t need to do anything to enjoy the benefits of this new system, which will allow us to respond to your requests more quickly so that we can provide the personal service that Adam is famous for.

Unlike similar technology it is designed to enhance the conversations that you have with real people at Adam by removing cumbersome security measures. We won’t be removing the requirement for security questions altogether, however, so if the system can’t verify your identity for any reason we can continue to help.

“The advanced voice recognition system is being introduced with the support of global experts in the technology and will click into action to monitor your unique voice patterns when you call”

Patrick Morse, Executive Director, says: “Obviously, this will help us from a fraud prevention perspective but a core reason for introducing this technology is to ensure a seamless service for our clients. At Adam we are known for the strength of the personal relationships we build with clients and that’s what this is about – the conversation.

“Ultimately, by not having to answer identification questions and doing this through natural voice recognition we are going to reduce the time that it takes for us to complete client requests.”

Adam uses technology wherever possible to provide the latest in security measures that are both highly efficient and make the security process easier for our clients. Last year, for example, we introduced AdamID, which eliminates the need for a card reader by allowing clients to authorise transactions and access Adam online using their mobile phones.


Adam is introducing sophisticated technology that will recognise each customer by the sound of his or her voice. It will be a barrier to fraudsters, do away with the need for security questions in most cases, and speed up the way we deal with your requests.


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