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New mobile branches bring services straight to Adam clients in remote areas.

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Mobile branches bring Adam & Company banking services to some of the UK’s more rural areas.

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Adam & Company clients in more rural areas across the UK can now benefit from The Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest’s mobile branch banking services.

From Monday, 26 February, specially equipped vans are being made available on more than 38 routes across Scotland, England, and Wales – from the Scottish Highlands to Cornwall’s beaches.

Adam & Company clients can use the service to deposit up to £3,000 a day in cash and an unlimited amount in cheques, and to withdraw up to £2,000 a day. To withdraw money, you will need to set up the facility in advance by calling Adam 24 or your Private Banker; and you will need to take a pre-printed paying in slip when making a deposit.


When is a mobile branch in my area?

For more information, including the mobile branch routes, locations, and nearby parking information, visit the relevant pages of the NatWest and RBS websites.

Alisdair Dewar, Executive Director at Adam & Company, said: “Providing a personal, flexible approach to banking is one of our key priorities and so we are delighted to bring this service to our clients. These mobile branches bring banking straight to those living in more rural areas, enabling our clients to manage their money in a convenient way without having to travel too far.”

The mobile branches operate five days a week – some also on Saturdays – all year except for Christmas Day and Bank Holidays.

There is no need to make an appointment. Clients can visit their nearest one whenever it is in their area.


Adam is introducing sophisticated technology that will recognise each customer by the sound of his or her voice. It will be a barrier to fraudsters, do away with the need for security questions in most cases, and speed up the way we deal with your requests.


Adam people require the flexibility to manage their money on their own terms. Adam’s digital services have been designed to connect you to your advisers, as your money and your circumstances evolve.