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We aim to provide an exceptional and personal wealth management service.

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Partnering with our clients to deliver an exceptional experience

We see our role as providing a client experience that exceeds expectations. We understand the importance of our clients feeling comfortable with how we look after their wealth and this means really understanding our clients and their circumstances, today and in the future. The experience of the Adam & Company team combined with the benefit of having banking, financial planning and investment management under one roof means we can partner with our clients on all aspects of their wealth.

“At the core there is the personal relationship helping you to achieve your investment aims.”

Susan Boyd, Executive Investment Director at Adam & Company shares more on how we work with our clients.

An investment philosophy built to last

An important differentiator in our investment philosophy is the close relationship our investment managers build with their clients. Each Investment Director takes direct responsibility for the investment decisions for their clients. We also take a long term view when we assess investment opportunities – the transition of wealth through generations and its intended consequences is a key consideration when deciding on an investment approach.

Mark Ivory, Executive Investment Director at Adam & Company, shares more on the disciplined approach that he and the team follow.

View our video on Investment Philosophy


Fixed Income selection

We invest in broad range of fixed interest securities – from government bonds in the UK and overseas to corporate bonds. These types of securities are important to generate income, provide stability of capital and diversify some of the risks generated from equities.

Dugald Barne, Investment Director at Adam & Company, provides our latest views on the fixed interest market and the factors currently shaping the team’s decisions.

View our video on Fixed interest


Equity selection

Our approach to equity selection is underpinned by a rigorous process involving the whole investment team. We operate a core and satellite approach. Core stocks are selected for their strong cash flows, high barriers to entry, good market positions and strong margins.  Our satellite list will then give the tailoring for investments to produce income or capital tilts to the portfolios depending on the risk rating we agree with the client.

Kay Bendall, Investment Director at Adam & Company, shares more on our equity selection process and how we tailor the decisions to each client depending on their specific requirements.

View our video on equity selection


Our priority is our clients. Understanding the purpose of their wealth and partnering with them to plan for the future sits at the heart of our business.

About Adam investments

We offer discretionary investment management to individuals and their families, and to charities. We take a long term approach to investing and we believe this gives us an advantage in a world where markets and media are increasingly focused on short term news.

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