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An Adam account gives you the confidence to get on with your life, secure in the knowledge that your personal finances are in safe and experienced hands.



The cornerstone of our private banking arrangement with you

  • Current account

    Keeping you in charge of and connected to your money

    The Adam Current Account puts you in charge of your money when you need it. Available to individuals, trustees and personal representatives in sterling, the Current Account is accessible through Adam Online and Adam Mobile, and maintains some of our longer standing features, including the Adam cheque book.  The Current Account comes with an innovative autosweep facility which enables clients to manage account balances between their Current Account and linked Adam deposit accounts. An unsecured, or secured, overdraft facility is also available with the Current Account.

    The accompanying Adam Select Card (VISA Debit card) is accepted at retail outlets worldwide, enabling you to transact quickly and conveniently, online, via ATMs or over the phone or the counter. You can pay people or organisations in the UK through Standing Orders, Direct Debits, Faster Payments, CHAPs and banker’s drafts while SWIFT is available to pay people or organisations abroad. The Current Account is available in all major currencies.

    The Current Account also allows for the delivery of currency or sterling direct to your home address, with the additional option of accessing currency through NatWest or RBS branches.


    All credit is subject to approval and affordability checks.
    Terms and conditions apply. Over 18s only. Security may be required. Product fees may apply.
    Any property used as security, which may include your home, may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other debt secured on it.

  • Fees & Charges

    You will be charged a monthly fee of £40*. The fee will cover all your sole accounts and is payable in arrears. We will give you at least 14 days’ notice of the amount to be deducted. There will be no fee for non-sterling accounts where a sterling account is also held.

    For joint accounts a fee of £40* per month will apply. This fee will be waived where any party to the account meets the criteria listed or all parties hold a sole account with us.

    The fees for your sole and joint accounts will not be applied if you meet any of the following criteria:

    • Clients holding investment products which have a minimum total value of £250,000*; or 
    • Clients who hold deposits which have a minimum total value of £250,000*; or
    • Clients who have drawn down a minimum of £250,000* in borrowing facilities, excluding overdrafts with Adam & Company; or
    • Clients who have investments, deposits and drawn down borrowing facilities excluding overdrafts with Adam & Company, with a combined minimum total of £250,000*. 

    * Or currency equivalent.




Designed to connect you with your wealth when and wherever you need it.

  • Private Reserve Account

    Making more of surplus funds in your current account

    The Adam Private Reserve Account may benefit you if you have surplus funds in your Adam Current Account, and does not require a minimum balance to be maintained.

    A Private Reserve Account can help you maintain a minimum balance of your choice on your Current Account through daily, weekly or monthly automatic transfers. A daily automatic transfer allows you to make purchases utilising your Private Reserve balances should your Adam Current Account balance be insufficient.

    The Private Reserve Account is available in sterling, US dollars and Euro. Interest is paid monthly to your Private Reserve Account, unless you request us to credit it to another account. The interest rate is variable and may change.

    The Adam Private Reserve Account is only available to individuals who hold an Adam Current Account. There are no additional fees associated with the account beyond those applied for the Adam Current Account.

    See the Adam Interest Rates



Helping you manage your cash effectively over the short and medium term


    Earn higher interest rates on short to longer term deposits.

    The Private Notice Accounts are available in 35, 60 and 95 day notice terms, and pay higher interest rates on funds where instant access is not required.

    Notice Accounts are suitable for clients who want to set aside funds for the short, medium or longer term, as well as for planned liquidity events such as tax due or pending school or university fees.

    Notice Accounts pay an interest on balances from £1, and should you wish to make a withdrawal, you will need to provide 35, 60 or 95 days' notice in writing, by telephone or through Adam Online.

    Interest is paid monthly to your Notice Account, unless you request us to credit it to another account. The interest rate is variable and may change.

    The Adam Private Notice Account is available to individuals aged 18 years or over who hold the Adam Current Account. There are no additional fees associated with the account beyond those applied for the Adam Current Account.


    See Interest Rates


  • Money Market Deposit

    Interest rates tailored to the size and term of your deposit

    A Money Market Deposit Account is a bit like a fixed term bond, where you decide how long you want to deposit your money for usually up to 12 months. Just tell us how much you want to deposit and for how long. We will offer you a rate of return that is tailored to your investment.


    This account could prove useful if you have payments such as taxes to pay in the next 12 months. It gives you access to money market rates, which are likely to be higher than those available with our instant access accounts.


  • Cash ISA

    The tax-efficient way to manage your savings

    Cash ISAs are excellent for sheltering at least some of your savings from taxes. With an Adam Cash ISA you can save from £1,000 to £15,240 in the current tax year. If you already have Cash ISAs with other companies you can transfer them to Adam, and manage all of your tax-free savings in one place with instant access to your money.

    Tax- free interest means that interest payable is exempt from UK income tax. Interest rates are variable. There is no limit on withdrawals. However, once you've paid in your full year's cash ISA allowance, you can't replace any money you've withdrawn in the same tax year.


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