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Discreet, determined and diligent. Qualities that define the relationships we have with our clients. We help them to grow, protect and manage their wealth effectively, across generations.

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Our private banking service is characterised by our availability, discretion and unswerving attention to detail.


We help our clients to manage all of their financial affairs as part of a complete wealth management programme.


Professional and bespoke, our consistent approach is the foundation that has assisted generations
of clients.

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  • Brexit, the story so far

    • Adam Investments
    • Insight
    21 Oct 2016
    Brexit, the story so far We will not be able to judge Brexit’s impact for many years and its success, or otherwise, will not be a simple hypothesis to backtest.
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  • US Election| Cooling to global trade

    • Adam Investments
    • Insight
    10 Oct 2016
    US Elections: cooling to global trade Since the 2008 global financial crisis, growing numbers of people in developed countries feel their incomes are falling and that they’ve lost out from globalization and free trade. Though it’s enjoyed a stronger economic recovery than most of the rest of the world, the US is no exception.
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  • Investing in a low interest rate environment

    • Adam Investments
    • Insight
    07 Oct 2016
    Nifty Fifty and interest rates Low interest rates don’t just affect your fixed-income returns – they have driven up prices across all asset classes. When investors cannot find decent returns in ‘safer’ bonds, they look for other assets that deliver attractive and sustainable income.
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