A modern bank, with traditional values. We understand the importance they place on long-term, trusting relationships, and back this with a broad product range and a commitment to service excellence.



With a modern twist

Founded in Edinburgh in 1983 by a group of influential Scottish business people, we remain committed to the core values of a traditional Scottish banking service. Providing a personal service to our clients is at the core of everything. Our online, mobile and telephone services extend our coverage and give our clients 24 hour banking, wherever they are.

A link

with the past

Edinburgh is widely regarded as the birthplace of Scottish Enlightenment. In 1776 Adam Smith revolutionised economic theory with the publication of ‘An inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations’. Adam & Company was named after this prominent economist, reflecting our commitment to the spirit of Enlightenment.




Our personal approach and tailored solutions define our service. Traditional values, such as trust and an uncompromising duty of care, remain paramount. Giving our clients the means to easily manage their wealth is important too.

Ours is a complete service, combining traditional values with a broad range of services and products designed around the very particular needs of wealthy clients.

We aim to build strong long-term relationships with all of our clients. The understanding and trust that this creates helps us to give sensitive and appropriate advice at times when key financial decisions are being made.



Our Board of Directors is the company’s key decision-making group. Their background, skills, experience and deep understanding of the needs of private banking clients, makes them expertly placed to oversee our operational and financial performance.


Miller McLean FCIBS


Graham Storrie


Peter Flavel

Finance Director

Brian Mulholland


Morven Gow

Non-executive Directors

Alexa Henderson
Linda Urquhart OBE WS
Brian McCrindle


We sponsor and support arts organisations, venues and events in Scotland that reflect the interest and lifestyles of our clients. Find out more.

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    EU Referendum Article The ramifications of the vote to leave the EU will be felt for a very long time to come. We believe that staying invested is important as history has shown that if you miss the bounces, you can dramatically lose out in the long term.
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