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Our 2020 Summer Reading List


Brilliant books, raucous reads and super stories – where will you begin?

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There is nothing quite like the joy of finding a good, new book.  This is even truer at the moment , as we do our best to stay at home and keep safe.  

For that reason, we are delighted to release the 2020 Summer Reading List earlier than usual.  It features 12 books which we think will entertain, enthral, enlighten and educate. The perfect antidote to today’s everyday challenges.  

You will be aware that Adam & Company has been actively engaged with the arts and literature since our foundation. It is for that reason that we like to be involved with a number of cultural events and festivals, and it is why we are delighted to release our personal book recommendations to you.

We hope you love the 2020 Summer Reading List as much as we do, and we can’t wait to hear which books you loved the most.

“We’ve a long and proud history at Adam of supporting the arts, and our commitment remains as firm as ever, despite today’s enormous challenges. I hope you enjoy our book recommendations and best wishes for a healthy summer ahead”
Graham Storrie, Managing Director, Adam and Company
  • Slime

    Book 01



    A brilliant story for the whole family, whether in lockdown or not.

    Based on the Isle of Mulch, it stars a young boy called Ned who’s up against it in life being surrounded by ‘awful adults’! They’re everywhere he goes, with Aunt Greta Greed the most awful of all. Luckily for Ned he has an awesome superpower, known as ‘slime power’, which might just save the day. If you’re struggling to entertain the kids, then Ned can definitely come to your rescue.


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    For exciting activities to keep boredom at bay please visit World of David Walliams

  • One More Croissant for the Road

    Book 02

    One More Croissant for the Road BY Felicity Cloake

    Ideal for foodies and anyone looking for some tasty escapism this summer.

    If you’ve never read Felicity’s ‘How to cook the perfect..’ newspaper column, then this book is a timely introduction to a food writer at the top of her game. Here she embarks on the trip of a lifetime, cycling 3,500km across France in search of the definitive versions of classic French dishes.  It will leave you quite literally hungry for more, as she offers her own take on the ‘perfect recipe’ for each mouth-watering dish she encounters. Moreish writing indeed!

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  • Girl, Woman, Other

    Book 03

    Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo

    Award-winning adult fiction that deals with big issues.

    As you might expect from the title, this book explores topics including gender, feminism and identity. Heritage and history are front-and-centre of a plot revolving around 12 characters with contrasting fortunes and lots of questions about life. The grammar is unconventional, with sentences flowing into each other – but then again, life can be unconventional can’t it? It’s brave and it’s different. Winner of the 2019 Man Booker prize.

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    The Peak Project, as supported by Bernardine Evaristo drives inclusion, human connection and education through reading. To find out more about their work please visit Peak Project.

  • An American Marriage

    Book 04

    An American Marriage BY Tayari Jones

    A powerful story of love and loss. Obama raved about it – need we say more?

    Winner of the last Women’s Prize for Fiction award, this is a story which delves deep into the American Dream. More specifically, into the fallout as that dream is shattered for one married couple. When the male protagonist, Roy, is falsely accused and sentenced for a crime he didn’t commit, it smashes his marriage to Celeste into pieces, leaving her facing some tough life choices. This will pull at the heart strings, and has a big ending that you’ll remember for a long time to come.

  • The Wreckage

    Book 05

    The Wreckage by Robin Morgan Bentley

    A novel that’s been described as ‘gripping and sinister’. Brace for the unexpected…

    In the aftermath of a fatal car crash, the guilt-wrecked driver seeks out his victim’s wife. But – there’s always a but with these type of nerve-testing books isn’t there?! – will his efforts to ease his conscience go too far? Drama, tension and every possibility you’ll find it hard to put down. Maybe don’t read it alone late at night!


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  • The Department of Sensitive Crimes

    Book 06

    The Department of Sensitive Crimes BY Alexander McCall Smith

    It’s ‘Nordic noir’ with a difference, by the author of the popular No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency books.

    Based in Sweden and starring Detective Ulf Varg. He’s called upon to investigate a bizarre attack on a market trader, the disappearance of a handsome man who may or may not exist, and the affairs of a variety of young female students whose relationships with one another leave a great deal to be desired. Intrigued? Then why not take a trip to Malmö to see what it’s all about?

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  • Finn the Fortunate Tiger Shark and his Fantastic Friends

    Book 07

    Finn the Fortunate Tiger Shark and his Fantastic Friends BY GEORGINA STEVENS

    Offering an irresistible combination: An environmental message for kids and profits to charity

    This is a humorous (and practical) short story about a popular tiger shark who gets into a spot of bother from eating too much plastic, and is saved by his friends thanks to their ingenious plan. And if that sounds good, wait until you see the A-Z of ideas for children to reduce their own use of plastic. It’s a story of our times, and offers a route to a brighter, cleaner future.

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    For inspiration on how you can get involved please visit Keep Britain Tidy and Georgina Stevens

  • The Crown Agent

    Book 08

    The Crown Agent by Stephen O’Rourke

    If historical detective is your genre of choice, then we’ve got a treat for you...

    It’s 1829 and disillusioned young doctor, Mungo Lyon, is recruited by the Crown to investigate a mysterious murder and shipwreck off the coast of Scotland. His adventures lead him on a pursuit across the Scottish countryside, to kidnap and treason, an unwanted trip to the West Indies, an insurrection and love. We might not be travelling anywhere fast this summer but ‘The Crown Agent’ will give you a thrilling adventure to beat away your lockdown blues.

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    Tumbling Lassie as discussed by Lord Waldegrave and Steven O’Rouke is a Scottish appeal raising funds and awareness for anti-slavery and anti-trafficking charities. To find out more about their work please visit Tumbling Lassie.

  • Coronavirus – a book for children

    Book 09

    Coronavirus – a book for children BY AXEL SCHEFFLER

    We already loved Axel Scheffler and then he went and illustrated this amazing book.

    Designed for young children (5-9 years old), the book is free for anyone to read on screen or print out, and focuses on the coronavirus and the measures taken to control it. And it’s seriously credible, with experts like Professor Graham Medley of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine acting as a consultant. The publisher also took advice from two head teachers and a child psychologist. It’s the ideal way of explaining today’s complex problems, in a simple and sensitive manner. Bravo to the team behind it.

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    Supporting our NHS - should you wish to make a donation please visit NHS Charities Together

  • The Wolf Wilder

    Book 10

    The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell

    Teenage fiction with adventure, revolution and you guessed it…wolves!

    Feodora and her mother live in Russia, in a house full of food and fireplaces. Feodora's mother is a wolf wilder, Feo is a wolf wilder in training , which makes them both the opposite of animal tamers – they teach animals to fend for themselves, to fight and to run, and to be wary of humans. When the murderous hostility of the Russian Army threatens her very existence, Feo is left with no option but to go on the run. She learns to stand up for the things she loves and to fight back.

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  • Beyond Happiness

    Book 11

    Beyond Happiness BY Sir Anthony Seldon

    Has there been a better time to focus on our happiness and wellbeing? 

    Sir Anthony Seldon could be described as an early trailblazer in the area of wellbeing, having famously introduced happiness, or well-being, lessons when headmaster of Wellington College.  Fast-forward to today and his thought-provoking book distinguishes between pleasure, happiness and joy. It also offers an original 8-step approach on how to make our lives far more meaningful and rewarding. With 2020 being the year of the lockdown, this is a very relevant and rewarding read.

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  • The Stand-In

    Book 12

    The Stand-In by David N Robinson

    Espionage aplenty with a truly international flavour

    A fast-paced spy thriller playing on the historical tensions between the UK and Russia. When a stand-in teacher first locks eyes on the wife of a top Russian spy target, the scene is set for a nail-biting race to uncover the truth, after she’s attacked. Prepare to go on a breathless and exhilarating trip across Istanbul, London, and Venice.

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    We hope you have seen at least one book on our list that you will love reading. Take care this summer and we look forward to seeing you again soon.