Intermediary Partners

Adam & Company provides a consolidated private banking and wealth management advice service that caters for every aspect of our clients’ wealth. Please enquire if you are interested in exploring how this partnership can benefit you and your client.



A Successful Collaboration

Adam & Company is proud to have a long-standing relationship with the intermediary community; We work in partnership with our clients’ wider advisers to provide the highest level of expertise for every aspect of their needs. With an extensive yet consistent breadth of service that covers all aspects of wealth, we will share the Adam & Company story with you and discuss how we can help your clients.

Modern private banking and wealth management solutions delivered by dedicated experts with an unsurpassed understanding of our clients’ needs. Wealth goes beyond money management and Adam & Company’s clients also benefit from our insight into the issues that matter to them, their business and their family: from philanthropy to succession planning and guidance for family businesses.



InDustry Expertise


Intelligent Private Banking

Adam & Company is a modern private bank with traditional values at its core that allows us to offer progressive banking to fit our clients’ unique needs. We respond with services and solutions that can be precisely tailored to meet these needs.

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Financial Planning and Advice

Our chartered financial planners and experienced wealth managers provide detailed advice, ensuring they have a strong understanding of our client’s full objectives and the solutions required to achieve them.




Intelligent Solutions



Our private banking service is characterised by our availability, discretion and unswerving attention to detail.

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We help our clients to manage all of their financial affairs as part of a complete wealth management programme.

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Professional and bespoke, our consistent approach is the foundation that has assisted generations
of clients.

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Property Financing Case Studies

Our highly personalised and seamless service provides unique solutions for clients with unique needs. These case studies show some of the ways that Adam & Company can work closely with borrowers to secure property financing that meets their needs.

Only for use by mortgages intermediaries

  • We were approached by a broker seeking a high loan-to-value facility for a couple looking to move to Edinburgh. The couple run a business, but each also have additional income sources, part of which was foreign currency income for work as a contractor.


    Our ability to look at a wide range of different income sources meant that we were able to set up a mortgage which took into account all the income generated to prove that the borrowing was affordable to the clients. The structure of the debt also allowed us to secure the couple a 90% loan-to-value mortgage against their new £1.1M home.

    Our borrowing can be structured in a variety of different ways to ensure the borrowing is suitable for our clients. In this mortgage, we incorporated a variety of different products, terms and repayment structures to create a bespoke mortgage for our new clients

  • New clients approached us looking to raise funds in order to purchase what would, in future years, become their new home.


    Our new clients were looking to buy a nearby property which had not been on the market for years. The clients wanted to acquire the property but were not looking to move for several years and, also wanted to spend some time ensuring the property was upgraded before relocating.

    The retired couple both had good pensions; however, the affordability would not add up when factoring in the new borrowing. Many of our clients are asset-rich but cannot always demonstrate the regular income needed to get the most suitable mortgage, such as in this case. We can help them by monetising their liquid assets – such as their investments and cash – in order to obtain an appropriate mortgage while continuing to adhere to the relevant UK regulation.

  • Newly introduced clients looking for a mortgage to complete the purchase of a new home for their growing family. The couple were owners of a business which had been operating for three years; but had changed the operating model and could only evidence 18 months of performance.


    The income for our affordability assessment over a three-year average would not support the borrowing, however, by looking over the last 18 months and incorporating ‘undrawn profits’ within the business, we managed to get comfortable with their future ability to generate income. After working with the client’s accountant and following a comprehensive assessment of the company financials, it was demonstrated that the business performance was strong and had sufficient liquidity to allow our clients to increase their remuneration if required.

    The couple were able to complete on the sale of the property after we worked with their other professional advisers to understand the strength of the business and the future earning potential. This is something we do on a regular basis for our entrepreneurial clients to help them acquire their dream home.


    We set up a self-development facility which enabled a UK resident to refurbish a substantial family home over a 12-month period.

    Our flexible approach to lending and deep knowledge of the client’s income and wealth meant we were able to set up a tailored lending solution that met his needs perfectly.

    We lent our client £1 million over a 12-month period which allowed extensive refurbishment to the family home on an interest only basis.  Upon completion of the refurbishment work we simply converted the full amount to a mortgage over a term which suited the clients’ income and wealth profile.

    All of this enabled our client to refurbish the home to a high standard whilst keeping costs down throughout this period.




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