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Adam & Company provides a consolidated private banking and wealth management advice service that caters for every aspect of our clients’ wealth. Please enquire if you are interested in exploring how this partnership can benefit you and your client.



A Successful Collaboration

Adam & Company is proud to have a long-standing relationship with the intermediary community; We work in partnership with our clients’ wider advisers to provide the highest level of expertise for every aspect of their needs. With an extensive yet consistent breadth of service that covers all aspects of wealth, we will share the Adam & Company story with you and discuss how we can help your clients.

Modern private banking and wealth management solutions delivered by dedicated experts with an unsurpassed understanding of our clients’ needs. Wealth goes beyond money management and Adam & Company’s clients also benefit from our insight into the issues that matter to them, their business and their family: from philanthropy to succession planning and guidance for family businesses.



InDustry Expertise


Intelligent Private Banking

Adam & Company is a modern private bank with traditional values at its core that allows us to offer progressive banking to fit our clients’ unique needs. We respond with services and solutions that can be precisely tailored to meet these needs.

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Financial Planning and Advice

Our chartered financial planners and experienced wealth managers provide detailed advice, ensuring they have a strong understanding of our client’s full objectives and the solutions required to achieve them.




Intelligent Solutions



Our private banking service is characterised by our availability, discretion and unswerving attention to detail.

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We help our clients to manage all of their financial affairs as part of a complete wealth management programme.

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Professional and bespoke, our consistent approach is the foundation that has assisted generations
of clients.

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Property Financing Case Studies

Our highly personalised and seamless service provides unique solutions for clients with unique needs. These case studies show some of the ways that Adam & Company can work closely with borrowers to secure property financing that meets their needs.

Only for use by mortgages intermediaries

  • Lending for Buy-to-Let properties in a Limited Company

    We are able to assist clients who are looking to acquire Buy-to-Let properties through a Limited Company structure.


    A couple were introduced to us as they held a portfolio of properties in their own name, but were looking to move these properties into a Limited Company whilst also increasing the size of the portfolio at the same time. The clients had sought tax advice prior to our engagement and we worked with their accountant to come up with a suitable solution.

    With our support, our clients now have all their Buy-to-Let borrowing on a single loan facility with Adam & Company. This provides the client with simplicity of paying one loan payment on a monthly basis and, as the portfolio had less than 16 investment properties, we were also able to use our standard ‘personal’ buy-to-let pricing in the Limited Company, making the loan facility more cost effective.

  • Lending using potential drawings from a business

    We were able to assist a newly introduced client following discussions with their Accountant about the ability to draw increased income.


    Our client was looking to borrow eleven times the income demonstrated on their tax return which would have been beyond our acceptable loan amount. However, the client was a director and shareholder of their business which was very profitable. Following our own analysis of what might be possible, we spoke with the client’s accountant who then wrote us a letter confirming what the client could draw from the business on an annual basis in order to support the mortgage.

    Our analysis and the supporting letter allowed us to demonstrate the client could draw much more from the business in order to support the borrowing and, following full mortgage discussions, we drew down the mortgage using that evidence of potential income.

  • Clients with Substantial Assets

    Our new clients were completing a large property renovation on their second home and, rather than utilise all their own funds, approached Adam & Company with a request to release equity from their main residence to enable the work to be completed.


    Even though, on paper, the couple did not have enough income for the new mortgage, our understanding of the wider complexities of their wealth meant we were still able to assist.

    Like many of our clients, the couple had substantial assets following previous business successes. However, their income levels meant that the mortgage was not affordable solely by looking at their Tax Return. We worked with the couple and their accountants to fully understand their asset position and were able to bridge the affordability gap by looking at their liquid assets – such as their investments and cash – that they could sell down should it be required. We were able to provide the funding requirement to assist them with their plans.

  • Re-mortgage with additional funds released to family

    We were approached by a new client seeking a re-mortgage over a property set in a large acreage, to assist with inheritance planning.


    Our depth of experience in dealing with large estates enabled us to provide a solution which allowed our client to have a more suitable and flexible mortgage facility with a term through to the age of 80. The term agreed allows the client to repay through beyond normal retirement age, which matched their longer term needs and included inheritance tax planning. By doing so we have established strong links with the wider family and demonstrated an understanding beyond the transactional mortgage delivery.

Important information


Mortgages offered to over 18s only. Terms and conditions apply. You may not be eligible for all Adam mortgage solutions. Security may be required. 




If you wish to do business with us and have clients who would benefit from the services we provide, please submit an enquiry by email to