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Adam people do not always keep regular hours. That is why we think you should be able to bank on your own terms.

  • Your Private Banker

    A traditional service, personally delivered

    If you have deposits or borrowing with us over £500,000, you have access to an experienced Adam & Company private banker. The standard of service you should expect, is exceptional.

    Your private banker is at the very heart of your relationship with the bank. From the outset, they will get to know you and your wealth, and understand your priorities and preferences. Your private banker will become a trusted adviser, always ready to offer advice and information, or introduce you to other specialists within Adam, and the wider sphere of experts we recommend.

    The service of your private banker is complemented by the expertise of an Adam financial planner. They will provide guidance on managing your wealth effectively by putting you in touch with specialists who can assist with areas such as retirement, protection, estate and tax planning.

    This wealth of expertise working for you creates a truly cohesive approach to managing your and your family’s wealth, helping to ensure its preservation across generations.

  • Adam 24

    Because your life rarely runs to a 9-5 schedule

    Adam 24 is a very different type of 24 hour telephone banking service, with all the efficiency and personal attention you expect from Adam.

    Available 7 days a week, 365 days a year responding to your day-to-day banking needs, from requesting balances, cards enquiries, dealing with payments and transfers and basic lending requests.  Our Online Banking support service alongside our Digital helpdesk team who are available to assist with any digital query relating to our digital services. Our dedicated Fraud experts are also on hand to offer advice and support if and when you may need it.

    We know from client feedback that the ability to speak directly with our diverse and multi-skilled team at any time is both expected and valued. And we are even open on Christmas Day - our clients will vouch for it.

  • Adam Online

    An exceptionally convenient way to bank

    Our online banking service, Adam Online, is accessible across all desktop and tablet devices and our mobile app, Adam Mobile, keeps you connected wherever you are.

    Adam Online provides you with a clear view of your wealth, from accounts and loans to money markets and investments. With the capability to make transfers and payments, manage standing orders and direct debits, Adam Online keeps you continuously connected and in control of your wealth. In order to ensure a truly seamless and personal service, our online messaging capability will connect you to your key Adam contacts, allowing for messages and attachments to be sent securely, without the need for further encryption.

    With many of our clients opting for digital statements, Adam Online will enable you to manage statements online and create email and text alerts.

    Adam Online is generally available to clients aged 18 years and over with an Adam account.

    Adam Online Service Agreement

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